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Note:Urbane and Janet have returned to the farm after completing their 3 year term in Honduras. This page was designed for people to keep in touch with them while they were gone and remains online for information about Honduras and their time there.

The Bylers Move to Honduras

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January 20, 2002
Janet and Urbane Byler have accepted a 3 year assignment in Honduras, Central America with a relief and service organization of the Mennonite Church. They will be working out of San Pedro Sula, a city of some 800,000 people. Their assignment will be coordinating a program called “Connecting People”. They will be preparing the way for delegations from North American churches to visit Honduras, spending time working with, and learning about the culture, faith, and living conditions of Christians in that third world country.

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This is a program that was begun after the devastation of Hurricane Mitch in 1998, and met with so much success, that it is being continued. The visits often result in exchanges that are on going, and have resulted in a number of ‘sister’ church relations being established between churches in Honduras and churches in North America.

The Bylers spent two years in Mexico with the Mennonite Central Committee during the mid sixties, and have a great deal of respect for the organization and the kind of work it is doing worldwide. Having studied and worked in a Spanish speaking country before, as well as working with refugees from Central America they feel communicating in Spanish will not be a problem.

In the meantime, their youngest son, Jason and his wife Janine are living on the farm and plan to carry on the October activities including school tours, and weekend open house for the public. The Bylers will post updates on this link of the farm web page:

Janet and Urbane thank all their friends for remembering them in their prayers, with letters, and e-mail, and hopefully many of you will visit them during the next three years.

Please check back on this page to see updates on what they are doing and ways to support them.


February 2002- Bylers adjust to Honduras...

March 2003- Sorry, they have not sent any more updates. They are doing fine, although I think they might be even busier than when they were living in the U.S.!

January 2005- They have returned to the US! They are both happy to be home and would love to have people welcome them home!

"Spirituality of Globlization"An article that Urbane wrote for MCC about globalization.

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